Work has started for the development of a new wiki for the students of Computer Science and Engineering. The wiki, which is known as EdlearnX CS Wiki, is a free wiki site for students of Computer Science and Engineering course and will serve as an additional online help for students preparing for the GATE-CS and other competitive exams. The design of this computer science basic course wiki is a continuous process and the content will get frequently updated and revised. The internet and the modern educational technology has enabled the democratization of education. This has increased the access of quality education to the masses. Free and open quality educational content is already available online. The EdLearnX CS wiki will curate open and free online educational content from across the world and will provide links, excerpts and useful content to the needy students as an open educational resource.

EdLearnX CS Wiki uses a free and open source wiki software called MediaWiki. Wiki site allows us to create collaborative content. However for this wiki site, collaboration, discussion and edits by other users are disabled and this wiki is authored by a single author. Students can subscribe for getting regular email updates regarding useful information and updates on the CS Wiki.

The EdLeanX CS Wiki is available at